About Us

Welcome to Maison Teyri, where the art of crafting scented candles takes inspiration from a tapestry of cultures. Teyri, derived from the Amazigh language, carries the profound meaning of “Love.” It is this love that fuels our passion for creating unique and enchanting fragrances that transcend borders and connect people through the power of scent.

Driven by our love for exploration and a desire to embrace the world’s diverse beauty, we embarked on a journey to weave together the aromas of Africa, Arabia, Europe, and Asia. Through our travels, we have gathered a treasure trove of experiences and insights, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of cultures. Each candle we handcraft at Maison Teyri is a testament to our commitment to preserving these traditions and spreading the love that inspired us. Join us on this scented odyssey as we invite you to experience the magic of Maison Teyri’s fragrant creations.

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